Touchdown Club - Fundraising

Lakeside Touchdown Club

A non-profit 5013c organization

2017 – 2018

Fundraising Brief




The mission of the Lakeside High School Touchdown Club is to provide the necessary resources and infrastructure to allow the coaches and players to thrive in a championship culture.  Through fundraising efforts, execution of projects, community outreach and relationships with all of our families, student body and LHS administration, we will build an organization off the field that will allow LHS Viking Football to be an exemplary program within the State of Georgia and nationally.


2016 Accomplishments

  •  Hired Head Coach Cam Jones
  • Raised $61K in dues and fundraisers
  • Best record in 13 years
  • Best start in 16 years
  • 5 and 5 season in first year at 7-A
  • 8 players with offers to play college football
  • Selected Fox High 5 Sports “Team of The Week”
  • One player earned a spot on Cam Newton’s 2017 summer 7v7 team
  • 3 All County Players
  • 6 All Region Players
  • One All State Player

2017 Fundraising Goals

  • Increase Income from 61K to 150K
  • Ongoing Costs:
  • Stipends for top caliber assistant coaches
  • Player and manager meals
  • One Time Capital Expenses:
  • Best in class, safety-regulated helmets
  • Mobile-enabled, user friendly website
  • Weight room enhancements
  • On field practice equipment including blocking shoot
  • Increase Family Engagement
  • Increase player fee compliance from 72% to 100%
  • etter Leverage Community Support
  • More strategic fundraising “asks"


There are several challenges that will make it difficult to achieve the 2017 goal:

Lakeside High School receives NO direct proceeds from ticket sales or concession stand income at games.

The stadium and concessions are managed by the county.

Parents/Guardians: There are limited people to appeal to when families have multiple kids on multiple sports teams/clubs.

Example: 3 kids x 7 sports x 2 fundraisers per team = 42 fundraisers one family must support selling to the same people in 9 months

Community: Our community sponsors are inundated with requests to support Lakeside sports programs.

Each local business could be called on to donate by 17 sports teams at Lakeside each year.

In addition to Lakeside, there are many other neighborhood schools competing for those donations.

Player Dues: Other teams in higher socio-economic neighborhoods with strong community football support can charge higher player fees.

In 2016, player dues at Lakeside were $250 with 29 (28%) players receiving assistance.

Walton High School charges $750.

Operating Budget: Competing teams have much higher operating budgets to draw upon.

Peachtree Ridge’s operating budget was 150K in 2016; expected 300K in 2017.

Norcross’ operating budget averages 350 – 450K.

Parkview’s operating budget was 228K in 2016.

Coaches: Dekalb county only pays for six coaches per season, yet we need a minimum of 16 to support 100 players and three teams (9th, JV, Varsity).

Competitor Parkview has 16 coaches.

Competitor Norcross has 24 coaches.

In 2016 Lakeside had 10 coaches.

In 2016 Lakeside was only able to pay $18,500 for 10 coaches, an average of $1850.00 per coach.

Lakeside coaches support practices and games in season, and conditioning and college recruiting assistance all year to remain competitive.

Lakeside’s head coach averages about 7 hours/day on football related activities during the 4 month season and 4 hours/per day during the 8 months off season. That’s a total of 1,800 hours per year.