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New Lakeside coach vows Vikings return to 'glory days'.

Lakeside has a new varsity head football coach and athletic liaison who has dedicated himself to returning the Vikings gridiron program to its "glory days."

As soon as Lakeside Interim Principal Robert Williams offered these positions to Richard "Cam" Jones, formally an assistant coach at Norcross, he immediately took the job and vowed to build the program into "something substantial."

"I can't make any guarantees as I haven't been around the program long enough to say we will have a great offense or great defense," Jones said. "My job now is to capture the hearts of the young men in our program and then work to see that they not only believe in themselves, but believe in one another and in what we want to do with this Lakeside program."

Jones, who graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina and then went on to coach track and football at Chamberlain High School, said he was excited with the potential he had already seen in the Viking players.

When he took over as head football coach at Chamberlain, he guided that football team to more wins in his inaugural season at the helm then it had won in its previous five seasons.

"Coach Cam is the real deal," Williams said. "Not only is he an experienced head coach of a high school football team, but he brings knowledge gained from working with state championship winning coaches and multiple sports organizations."

Williams said Jones not only had a plan to build the Viking football program, "but to build it for the long term."

The new Viking skipper said he was excited to join the Lakeside athletic program due to its "limitless potential."


"I am extremely passionate about teaching and coaching, and I promise to relentlessly pursue excellence at Lakeside High School," Jones said. "My commitment is to build champions, not only on the field, but in the classroom and in the community."

Within a few days of accepting the position, Jones had met with the seniors and juniors on the football varsity unit and, immediately thereafter, met with the remainder of the team in the Vikings' weight room.

"Even in the brief time I have known them, I feel these kids have already begun soaking up my energy," he said.

"They seemed to like this change in the direction of the football program and are starting to believe in it."

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